Cheese and Robots (Adventures in Robot Prototyping)

This is part 7 of my robot series

Cheese and RoCheeseAndRobotsbots – not the name of an alternative band, although if you would like to use this name for your band, my licensing fees are quite reasonable. Actually I really just wanted to make a point about robot prototyping. As much as I would like to say that all the holes in the top deck of our robot shown in the photo are for the purposes of lightweighting, all of the holes are actually for mounting and relocating components as our little robot evolves. Because even though we might think we have found exactly the right location for everything, as things change and we add or subtract parts, the layout has to change as well. So its nice we started with our roomy deck of expanded rigid PVC (thanks to the folks who designed the original BYFR for being good enough to specify some extra space to experiment with!)  Which brings me to my next subject:

Breadboards and Crumbs. Or perhaps crummy BreadboardsAndCrumbsbreadboards. A breadboard in electronic-speak is a white block of plastic with a bunch of holes to quickly connect electronic components together (the white square thing next to the dark blue controller board on the photo below.) Note to self: Breadboards apparently don’t like being moved once they are stuck in place. Fortunately the replacement for this sorry sight on the left only cost me $3. Our final food metaphor:

Cable Spaghetti! CableSpaghettiYes, his wiring is getting a little complicated. I am trying to keep the coloring as consistent as possible, but occasional complications get in the way (“I’d like to use a green jumper wire here, but the only one I have that’s long enough is orange”). But despite the colorful spaghetti, it does all work once again, which brings us to:RestoredRobot

Humpty-Dumpty, Etcetera:
Better than the kings horses and men I am, as he is all back together again. With a bendier neck; all the better to observe objects close to him, and a newly added “mini fiesta deck”, awaiting the installation of amusing new components. And a couple other enhancements are waiting in the wings (figuratively speaking of course – flying is not in his future).

Until next time!

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