The Witch of Darkmoore Forest

Welcome to The Witch of Darkmoore Forest; a collaborative project between myself and Claudia Willison. Our game is now at a solid beta stage, so please enjoy.

The game!

The survey (because we LOVE to fill out surveys! Right? Oh come on, it’ll be fun!)

Link to my co-conspirator… uh, I mean co-collaborator

Game news: The Witch of Darkmoore Forest is released

Game Notes:

The game is completely free; there are no ads or in app purchases. Ahem, well no “real” ads anyway. Some technical notes below. Many of the decisions we had to make with this project to “fix” or not fix certain things were driven by time. It would have taken many more months to address all of the issues below, and doing so would have been nice, but would not have changed the content of the game. Also, honestly, the game evolved over time, as have both of our abilities. If we had to do it all over, there are some thing we would have structured differently. Finally, I would like to thank the various users of the GameMaker community (forum) who have helped me with questions and stumbling blocks that I have had along the way. The forum has unfortunately been off line for a while (which, honestly has slowed our progress of late… Yoyo please put it back on line… pretty please!)

Gloomy_GlenThe game is windowed at a fixed resolution of 1280×768. This was the largest size that we felt would still fit users with smaller displays. If your display is smaller than this, please let us know what happens when you play – we have no way of testing this on our own!) Although basic screen resizing would have been possible to incorporate, our testing indicated that the art didn’t look very nice at when enlarged to higher resolutions. In addition, some elements of the GUI do not lend themselves to resizing with considerable rework.

The game does have sound, so crank up the volume! (…but not too loud. Your neighbor asked me to say this.) The in game volume settings work for most of the sound effects, but there are a few that do not – this is due to a difference in the system used to play 3-D sound (which doesn’t use emitters). There is probably a work around for this, but unfortunately there was no one to ask, and I was not able come up with a work around. GameMaker Community, where are you when I need you 🙂 So if anyone wants to let me know how to combine the functionality of the audio_play_sound_at() with audio_play_sound_on(), please let me know!

To exit the game, just close the window (e.g. click the “X” at the upper right). An in game exit button would have been nice, and the code is simple enough, but the manual contains the ominous warning that the code “will report an error on the Windows 8”. With no forum available for further explanation if this is serious or not, the click the X method works seemed a better choice for now.

You may save the game in the witch’s hut. The save/load function was introduced late in the game development, so loading the game from the opening screen and from the hut both work, but do not produce 100% consistent results. However this should not affect game play. Making them 100% consistent would have required a lot of time, and would not have added anything to the content of game.

The game doesn’t have a particularly robust combat system. It was supposed to be more of a “solve the puzzle” game, with enough action to keep things interesting, so we honestly didn’t invest too much time in the combat system. I suppose we are lovers not fighters. So bottom line: If you are killed by one of the snails in the game, you should be really embarrassed. Seriously.

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